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Birth of the THE

The Hall Effect exploded onto the Colombian rock scene in 2006. A four piece indie band, their compelling fusion of rocking riffs and sonic inventiveness, soon gained a fervent following amongst fans and key media. 

Aim at me

The band, who sings in Spanish, English and French, released their debut album, ‘Aim at Me’, in 2007, on their own independent label. The singles, ‘Become’, ‘Aim At Me’, ‘Unpure’ and ‘Trip Dog’ were heavily rotated at radio. MTV was an early supporter of The Hall Effect with the result that the video for ‘Aim At Me’ reached the number 1 spot in Latin America. Because of that although they sing in english, MTV nominated them in 2007 as BEST INDEPENDENT ARTIST. 

Phil Manzanera

The Hall Effect have international ambitions which has brought them to London, Paris, New York and many more cities around the world. During 2009 they worked with Roxy Music’s Phil Manzanera on their international debut album "The Hall Effect".

European Tour

On 2010 they did their first European tour, supporting Fiction Plane, ten cities in France and one in Spain. They also won that same year The Sennheiser “Hear I Am” Contest, among bands from Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. 

Signed by French Label

In 2012 they got signed by 13bis an independant french label.
They released their album in France that same year, being the first Colombian rock band to do that.

A New Path

In 2013 they won "Rock al Parque Rueda por latinoamerica", they played in Mexico, (DF and Guadalajara). This opened the door to add Spanish to their music en explore new genres they have never explored before.


Their new album "Y POR QUE NO?" (why not?) was released in may 2014, it mixes rock with other music genres and spanish, english and french."Te espero" is the first single of this new album, "tu sabes lo que quieres" the second one.

Contact with T.H.E

You can also contact us by phone:

057 310 4769362